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Let's face it. You get to pour into the lives of your church members once a week while they actually need your encouragement every day. But with myDaily Devotionals, your constituents can receive the encouragement they need from you each and every day, 365 days per year.

Bearing your name and image, not ours, myDaily Devotionals are written from a traditional evangelical perspective and are designed simply to encourage and inspire. They are never written to present complicated doctrines or to address subjects that may be controversial, divisive, or denominational in nature.

With myDaily Devotionals, each person under the influence of your ministry can receive a brief, yet inspiring "word" from you each morning that is designed to help that person navigate the practical challenges of life. Nothing can communicate your concern for the people you serve quite like an inspirational word of encouragement that is drawn directly from God's life-giving Word.


The days of mailing letters and printing flyers are long gone and forgotten. This is a new era, when people stay in touch through instantaneous social media that is designed to be fun, relevant, and contemporary.

myDaily Devotionals take advantage of this current trend by communicating on your behalf and in your name with the people who look to you for spiritual guidance. Early each morning, those enrolled in your devotional program will receive a scriptural reference and an applicable word of encouragement from you that is appropriately brief and contemporarily relevant. And each of these devotionals will be attractively designed with your name, picture, and logo so that those who read them will be reminded that you are an ever-present part of their lives and that they are on your mind daily.

myDaily Devotionals are the fastest, most reliable, and most economic way to communicate God's Word to the people under your spiritual care.


myDaily Devotionals are the most efficient and effective mechanism for maintaining constant contact with your people. They constitute the best and most up-to-date ministry tool for enabling a busy pastor to "touch" those who need his care.

However, these devotionals are available to you, not just for daily digital distribution, but also to be used in other practical ways. You can post them on your ministry website, for instance, or publish them in book form, because you will own the rights to these devotionals and can utilize them in almost any way you deem appropriate for meeting the needs of your constituents. You can even change the text of these devotionals before they are distributed if you would prefer to say things in a slightly different way. And whenever you need to convey your own inspirational thoughts to your members and supporters, you can simply overwrite our text and distribute your personalized message through the digital framework we provide.

The Christian life is not about rugged individualism; the Christian life is about participation in a spiritual family that is designed to help us grow as we pursue God's destiny for our lives. So let myDaily Devotionals be the first "voice" each day that influences the thinking of the people who look to you for guidance.


The value of impacting each person in your spiritual flock on a daily basis is a value that is immeasurable. For that reason, myDaily Devotionals is more than just a devotional program; it also is a means of regular, daily communication with your people on matters pertaining to your ministry.

As a subscriber to myDaily Devotionals, you will have the option of adding a 255-character message to the end of each devotional distributed to your constituents. You can use this added service to remind people about an upcoming event, to reiterate this weekend's sermon topic, or to inform your constituents about any other matter you consider necessary and appropriate.

This communication device alone is worth the small price of your subscription to myDaily Devotionals. The ability to add your own thoughts, your own messages, and your own reminders to each devotional will save you time and money as you abandon more traditional tools of communication in favor of this instantaneous digital service.


The world just ain't what it used to be, and that maxim is especially true when it comes to people's activities. In today's fast-paced world, people are pulled in every direction by the things they need to do and by the things they prefer to do with their available time.

Just a generation ago, our activities were more limited, and fewer things interfered with an individual's involvement at church. But today, people's options have increased and more things vie for their time and attention, both in their personal lives and their professional pursuits.

For this reason, it is critical for a pastor to keep his church initiatives in front of his constituents. Folks can no longer be expected to remember Saturday's prayer breakfast or next Sunday's special emphasis. But with myDaily Devotionals, any church can maintain constant contact with its members through a brief, 255-character reminder at the end of each day's devotional.


To build a thriving church, a pastor must acquire new people in order to expand his ministry, he must broaden the people who attend in order to secure them in the faith, and he must retain the people who are involved in the work so they won't exit through the back door as quickly as newcomers are entering through the front door.

To do this, however, a pastor must be a constant presence in the lives of his people and in the lives of those who have the potential of becoming aligned with him in the future. He must constantly sow the wisdom and the transforming power of God's Word into the thought processes of those who look to him for guidance.

Because myDaily Devotionals will always arrive with your name and logo, you can rest assured that your ministry will be elevated among a growing group of people as they enjoy your message each morning and tell others about you and the daily ministry that you faithfully provide.


There were many occasions during Jesus' earthly life when he would perform a miracle for someone and then follow that display of power by telling the person to keep quiet about the experience. Needless to say, without exception these astonished people would immediately seek out others and tell them what Jesus had done.

When folks find something that impacts their lives, they want to share that good thing with others. And this phenomenon of human nature is particularly relevant in this day and age when people communicate with one another through social media. People want to talk about the things they are doing, and people want to hear about the things that others are doing, as well.

myDaily Devotionals are targeted at believers who are part of your ministry, but these uplifting expressions of encouragement are also designed to be shared. They offer the people of your church a contemporary way to share Christ with others and to introduce your ministry to others, as well.

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June 18, 2018 (Monday)
SERIES ON PRAYER (Part 10 of 15) Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

James 5:16 (NIV)

James told us that God answers prayers that flow from repentance, and he told us that God answers prayers that flow from a righteous life. But James also told us that God answers prayers that are "fervent." In other words, God wants to see passion in our prayers.

The prophet Daniel prayed, "Lord, listen! Lord, forgive! Lord, hear and act! For your sake, do not delay..." (Daniel 9:19, NIV). Can you sense the urgency and the desperation in that prayer? And the prophet Amos prayed, "Oh Lord GOD forgive, I beseech thee" (Amos 7:2, KJV). Can you sense the urgency and the desperation in that prayer, as well?

When Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, we are told that he was in agony. Yet, as the night went on, "he prayed more earnestly, and his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground" (Luke 22:44, NIV). God hears the desperate, repetitive, forceful, and passionate pleas of his people. He hears the prayers that flow from a sense of intensity and an attitude of anguish. He hears the prayers that are fiery and ardent and enthusiastic.

So don't be afraid to show God your true colors. He made you an emotional and mental, as well as a spiritual being. Prayer should involve the "whole man."

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Every day, 365 days per year

We will transmit a short daily devotional (approximately 260 words) to every person who enrolls in your daily devotional program on your ministry website. These electronic devotionals will bear your name or the name of your ministry. Recipients will never know that these devotionals were written and distributed by myDaily Devotionals. And you may modify them or add an additional message before they are published each morning.

Written from a traditional evangelical perspective

Our daily devotionals are written from a traditional evangelical perspective and are designed to simply encourage and inspire God's people. In our daily devotionals, we seek to avoid subject matter that may be controversial, divisive, or denominational in nature.

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